Following is our free plan.

# Feature Limit
1 Number of social media walls There is no limit
2 Number of social feeds per wall There is no limit
3 Embed widget Available
4 Number of posts per social media wall 1000 latest posts
5 Update frequency All active social walls get updated daily once forever
6 SocialMediaWall.IO branding Occasionally our logo will be shown at the top right corner
7 Moderation Automatic and advanced moderation options are available
8 Add team members Available for free
9 Display visualizations Classic grid, carousel view, cyclic grid, single slideshow and highlight grid widgets are available. More widget visualizations will be available for free soon
10 Technical support Over email and chat on website

Speed up options for events and websites*

Update Frequency Duration Price
2 minute updates 2 days $10 USD
2 minute updates 30 days $25 USD

*Showing the most popular options only. We took great care in our pricing to help you save your spending on using social walls without sacrificing faster updates. Please create your social wall to see all speed up options.

Have some questions?

How can you offer social wall for free?

We settled on our current free plan that is useful for great use cases. Our users include brands, non profit organizations, sports websites, social media managers and many more. Our vision for this product is to provide the best social wall for everyone.

How many social walls can we create?

As many as you like! There are no limits on number of social walls that you can create. However, if your account is inactive for more than two days then we reserve the right to stop updates to your walls. This helps us in better utilizing our resources for our active users.

Do you post any automated or promotional posts using my social accounts without my knowledge?

No. We never post to any social network using your social accounts.

How secure are my transactions?

We never collect or store any finanacial information on our site. We redirect the browser to PayPal during purchase. PayPal is the world's best payment gateway with world class security features. So, your transactions will be simple and secure.

How do you decide whether a social wall is inactive or not?

Our tools track when a social wall was last accessed. If the social wall is not embedded on any website and if it was not accessed for more than 2 days then we consider the social wall as inactive. We reserve the right to stop updates to the inactive social walls.

Do you offer custom plan for my unique requirements?

Yes! We strive to put our customers first and improve our platform to support many unique requirements. Please let us know your proposal, and if it is feasible, we'll definitely help.