Scale on demand. Pay only for what you use.

Are you looking to use many social walls? is a free social media wall platform that lets users to create any number of social walls. Free social walls get updated once in every day. Enterprise users with bulk requirement want better update frequency, remove logo and enable better REST API access rate limits. Social wall buckets help such users with bulk requirement.

If you do not have bulk social wall requirement, please see pricing page instead.

Social Wall Buckets Introduction

What is a social wall bucket?

  1. Social wall bucket is a container to hold social walls. It has capacity and update frequency.
  2. All walls within a bucket use update frequency of the bucket

Adding and removing walls from bucket

  1. Adding a wall to a bucket is equivalent to upgrading the wall
  2. It increases API access rate limits, removes logo, enables print option and gets update frequency as that of containing bucket

How to subscribe for a social wall bucket?

  1. Buckets use monthly recurring subscription using PayPal
  2. You can cancel subscription any time by logging in to your PayPal account
  3. Platform supports subscribing to multiple buckets of same type or of different type

Which social wall bucket plan is the best for me?

  1. Below you can see some of our standard plans
  2. We can offer a custom subscription plan that meets your requirements. You need to specify capacity and update frequency that you need.
Social wall buckets

Start small and scale up on demand

Standard social wall bucket plans
$ 57 .00 onwards
  • Number of walls: 3 Frequency: 2 hours $57 USD
  • Number of walls: 30 Frequency: 12 hours $150 USD
  • Total feeds 10
Suitable for live campaigns
$ 90 .00 onwards
  • Number of walls: 3 Frequency: 10 minutes $90 USD
  • Number of walls: 5 Frequency: 5 minutes $250 USD
  • Total feeds 5

Here is the best part

You can ignore our standard pricing plans and come up with your own custom pricing if you need different capacity and update frequency for your social wall bucket.

We mainly need

  • How many social walls you want to use
  • What should be the update frequency for them
  • What is your monthly budget for the same

For a live demo, please use chat widget available at bottom right corner of the page.

  • Fully self service platform