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Do you need to build your own social media aggregator? aggregates social media posts for events and websites. Our easy to use, self service platform will make it simple for you to customize the social wall display to match your website or event theme. Developers can access raw social media posts using our social media aggregation tool API to build their own custom social media aggregator.

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How socila media wall API works?

How social media aggregation API works?

SocialMediaWall.IO aggregates latest posts from various social networks into your social walls. Your application can read posts from a social wall in JSON format using REST API call. Social wall content can be from hashtag, social profiles, Facebook page, LinkedIn company page, RSS feed or from many other popular feed types.


GET wall-id /posts/  

Get posts from a social wall in latest post to oldest post order.

wall-id Your social wall ID. (Example: 12077)
app_id A valid application id. (Example: f0afca337586413cae1e68689d5f50b5)
app_secret A valid application secret (Example: abb10a6046d145b0be5e1d417a7f686b)
limit Maximum number of posts to return in response
offset Skip offset number of recent posts

API Example
Wall ID 12077
APP ID f0afca337586413cae1e68689d5f50b5
APP Secret abb10a6046d145b0be5e1d417a7f686b


API access to all API enabled social walls* $60 USD / month

*You can access any one social wall with API subscription. API Access to additional social walls can be enabled on demand


"It's flexible. For a development company working with another development company the software and support is spot on. The team at are always online (24/7) for any support."

Dan Hewitt, Managing Director, Exposure, Australia

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