by on Sun 19 August 2018

Instagram mentions can connect millions of fan's and followers directly to a brand on Instagram social networking site. From a fans point of view, Instagram mentions are an easy way to send their message to a brand publicly. From a brand's point of view, it is easy to filter posts that were targeted to them using mentions from all other public posts. So, Instagram mentions help brands and businesses to engage with millions of Instagram users by replying, sharing and retargeting posts that mention them. Tracking these useful Instagram mentions can be a daunting task if the volume is too high. So, what are the ways to track these Instagram mentions and how to effectively use them?

Brands and businesses use Instagram for various reasons. One of the main objectives of using Instagram or for that matter any social network is to engage with fans and followers. Today, Instagram supports multiple ways to engage with users of Insagram, like direct messaging, using hashtags and Instagram mentions.

Instagram mentions

When an Instagram user types "@" followed by another user's username in the caption of a post or in a comment then it is called a mention of user whose username was typed. For example, if Mary types @socialmediawallio in the caption of her post, then socialmediawallio has a mention. There should not be any space between @ and the username for it to be a valid mention. Account that gets a mention will receive a notification in Activity tab of Instagram application.

Uses of Instagram mentions

Instagram mentions provide a direct channel for customers, fans and followers to interact with a brand publicly. Brands and businesses can make use of this direct public channel to meet their business objectives of using Instagram. These mentions helps a business in some of the following ways.

How to track Instagram mentions

Tracking mentions using a social wall helps in viewing all the mentions easily in a single grid view. The view can also be embedded on a website to showcase user generated content on the brand's website. Displaying mentions live on a TV screen at an event venue can boost brand's reach and keep audiences engaged during the event.

Please note that Instagram does not give mentions retrospectively. So, only future mentions can be tracked. So, for example, if you create your social wall now, your social wall will contain all the mentions from now on.

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