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Usage of social walls for different use cases has been around for many years. The year, 2017 continued the trend and social walls were used to serve different uses across the world. In this article, we provide top 5 uses of social walls that attracted us more. It was not easy to pick only 5 as we saw a lot of creativity in terms of hashtag design, social wall display customization, location of social wall widget on the web page, location of social wall display at events and more ways that users made social walls look and feel unique for their use case.

#Aammf2017 - Beautifully designed social wall screen position

#aammf2017 - Beautifully designed social wall screen position

Al Ain Media and Marketing Forum event venue was a visual treat. Video displays, design of banners and usage of props looked excellent. Social wall on screens that were placed within a bigger design was very beautiful and it caught our attention to include it in our top 5 social wall highlights. Live social media posts with cycling grid view within the screen made the entire unit more lively with fresh hashtag content coming in from social networks.

#Caught hashtag campaign by Odyssey cinemas

#caught hashtag campaign by Odyssey cinemas

The #caught campaign by Odyssey Cinemas creates awareness for the cinema and involve/engage the general public and cinema goers. The campaign is within the cinema itself. The wall is displayed on the website using embed widget. Dressing like characters in the movie and engaging with cinema goers at cinemas is an innovative thought. Using Instagram for it, and displaying the hashtag content on the website made us add this innovative campaign to our top 5 list for the year, 2017. Please visit URL, Instagram wall example: Innovative hashtag campaign by Odyssey Cinemas for more details about the campaign.

#HISTORIASPARAELPALADARPACIFICARD weekly gift campaign by PacifiCard

#HISTORIASPARAELPALADARPACIFICARD weekly gift campaign by PacifiCard

PacifiCard partnered with a few restaurants at Guayaquil and Quito of Ecuador to run an Instagram campaign. Food lovers at participating restaurants can take a picture of food items and upload to Instagram with hashtag #HISTORIASPARAELPALADARPACIFICARD. Selected winners will receive a scratch card gift or a free desert. User generated content from the campaign were shown at website, The website uses REST API access to the social wall using Javascript. Partnering with restaurants, selecting winners, giving gifts and using advanced developer methods to show user generated content on the campaign website made us include this campaign in our top 5 list for the year, 2017.

Biro fashion show, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Usage of social wall display on on one side of a big screen and video content on another side of the screen made the entire display look very interactive. We posted a separate blog article showing picture gallery from the fashion show here. Big size of the screen and showing the wall in front of the audiences are good practices of using social walls. Hence, it is in our list of top 5 social walls for the year, 2017.

US TaxReform tweets from official US senate accounts

US TaxReform tweets from official US senate accounts

It is not an easy job to update the website daily with latest news about a topic of interest from authentic sources. The clever usage of social walls with word filtering feature by the republican senate website achieved it very easily. Hence, we are adding this brilliant technique to our top 5 list. Website, shows a social wall, which shows Tweets with words "Tax" or "TaxReform" from official Twitter handles. This simple technique makes the website always show latest updates on US tax reform from official accounts without any manual work.

There are many other creative uses of social walls that we were lucky to come across and learn from them. For example, one of the brilliant hashtags that we came across was #coronabucketlist, that is too good a campaign to believe. Another example uses highlighted posts and "highlight only popup" feature of to interact with audiences at an event using social wall display. We hope to write again about more such creative works in the future. Please let us know if you are running a campaign and want us to include a post covering your campaign. We are always here to help in the best possible way that we can.

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