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This October, another edition of the "Birô Fashion Show" was held featuring Post2B and Loja Birô. We present you some of the beautiful pictures from the event that also captured the usage of social media wall. Using a social wall to engage audiences at an event is a well received technique by audiences attending the event. These pictures reemphasize it.

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So, what makes a social wall useful during the event? Let us see some best practices on how to get the most out of using a social media wall at an event.

How to use social media wall at an event

A social wall at your event gives an opportunity to your attendees to actively participate and engage during the event. For brands and event organizers, audiences are the best marketers at an event. Event planners and wedding planners are increasingly using social walls to give their attendees a great way to interact during their events. Here we share some best practices in displaying social walls

Pick the best location for display screen

Display the wall on a big screen and place the screen at a location, where your audience can see it easily. For example, in a conference room, placing the screen behind your audience is not a good idea, instead place the screen in front of audience.

Mention CTA (Call To Action) clear and loud

Prominently mention how to participate using social media. For example, mention hashtag name and social networks to use for posting pictures. Design your hashtag cleverly and advertise hashtag name well before the event. Avoid hashtags that are difficult to type or easy to spell wrongly. Always try to simplify the steps to make the picture that your attendee wants to upload with your hashtag. Your audience should spend their valuable time in enjoying the event and should not face difficulty in uploading photos with the hashtag.

Wi-Fi arrangements

Providing free Wi-Fi takes away the network connection issues for your audiences and encourages them to participate better. If there is a bandwidth limitation on the network, then making sure that social wall display uses a separate network is a good idea, which ensures that high activity on the network by your audiences doesn't slow down automatic refresh of your social wall.

Live updates

Make sure the social wall updates fast enough to make your audiences interact more with the social wall. With a fast updaing social wall, we have seen audience uploading first selfie, and then second selfie by standing infront of their selfie on big screen. So, such selfie over selfie moments adds a little fun element for some using a social wall .

What other ways have helped you in engaging your audiences using a social media wall? Let us know on Twitter @SM_Wall_IO.

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