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Have you ever wondered what purpose do social media walls serve? When we started to search for answers, we couldn't get an unbiased article without promoting any particular vendor. So we thought we'll share our research here without mentioning any particular social media wall vendor. It is possible that not all of these uses of a social media wall are supported by any single vendor. So without any further ado, let's begin to understand social media walls.

Before jumping to define what is a social media wall, let us first define what social feed is.

What is Social Feed?

Social Feed Examples Social Feed Examples

A social feed is a constantly updating list of stories from one social network. It includes status updates, photos, videos, links from people. Examples of a social feed are tweets on Twitter with hashtag #barcamp, all the posts from Instagram posted by account @instagram or all updates on FIFA Facebook page.

What is social media wall?

A social media wall consists of two parts

  1. List of social feeds: It specifies what all content is part of the social media wall. Each social feed is independent. Together, these list of feeds are responsible for adding list of stories from different social networks to a social media wall. This makes a social media wall as an aggregated list of stories from one or more social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc,.
  2. An administrator of the wall: A person who adds or removes social feeds from the social wall. Administrators are also responsible for configuring how the aggregated posts should be displayed. They also curate unwanted posts from the social media wall.

So a social media wall is a collection of posts aggregated based on social feeds, curated and displayed on a webpage or on any digital signage by an administrator.

Social Media Wall Social Media Wall

There are different terms people use synonymously to refer to social media wall. For example, following names are used synonymously.

  1. Social media wall
  2. Social wall
  3. Hashtag wall
  4. Social media hub
  5. Social hub
  6. Twitter wall
  7. Instagram wall

All the above terms can be used interchangeably with one another. We use social media wall term in this article, but all the points in this article are equally applicable to any terms from above synonyms unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Social media wall use case scenarios

Let us now look at different real world scenarios where social media walls are used.

1. Non profit organization to run an awareness campaign

A non profit organization comprises of 20-something members in core group. They connect with their audience using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They maintain a website and post blog articles on volunteer basis. Their website shows a social media wall alongside list of blog articles. The social wall collects stories related to their campaign from different social networks and keeps the website up-to-date with all latest posts. This makes their website connect all of its members' voices into one single message.

2. Sports fitness coach to bring all sports related stories for trainees

A sports fitness coach sets up a social wall for his trainees by collecting important sports news and updates from multiple Facebook pages maintained by local news channels. This brings all important stories from local channels for his trainees.

3. Social media manager to engage with their friends and followers on social networks

A very important aspect of social media management is to engage with friends and followers on social networks. Social media managers setup social media wall, highlight posts that they find as interesting and engage with their friends by acknowledging that their posts were highlighted on social wall.

4. Multi national company and brands to show region specific updates on its regional websites

An MNC owns more than one website domain names, which they show based on the location of the website visitor. It also owns more than one social network account for their audience from different countries who speak different languages. On each of the region specific websites they show social wall by aggregating feeds collecting posts for that specific region. This helps the brand to convey important and engaging content in the language that their audience speak.

5. Event management agency to engage audience at live event

An event management agency displays a social wall on a big screen at a live event with a clear call to action (CTA). Audience at the event follow the instructions of CTA and participate actively by posting on social networks using their own social accounts. Social wall updates in real time, and social wall administrator curates the content before displaying on the big screen. This helps the event administrators in maintaining positive sentiment by displaying only high quality content during the event.

6. Digital agency to show their clients' social feeds on their clients' websites

Digital agencies handle multiple client accounts. They create social media walls for their clients by aggregating social feeds and show them on their clients' websites. In some cases client owns the social accounts, and once a social wall is placed on a website, clients can update their social accounts and social wall automatically shows latest posts on the client's website.

7. Startup to monitor activity in their field of interest

Starups need to be up-to-date with latest happenings in the area of their functioning. For it, they setup social media wall to monitor different social feeds and engage with people whenever they see an opportunity. This helps them connect with right audience and promote their new product offerings at the right time.

8. Website developers, bloggers and entrepreneurs to make their websites look dynamic

For website developers, bloggers and entrepreneurs it is essential to keep their personal website as much dynamic as possible. But it is practically not possible to update the website daily. So they update their social media accounts, and show social wall on their personal website which automatically brings in new posts and helps the website look more dynamic with latest updates.

9. Educational institutes to display general announcements

Educational institutes use social walls to keep students and parents updated with latest and general announcements. In a nut shell, social wall displayed on an institute website speaks about activities and campaigns that the institute is currently pursuing.

10. Corporations and digital agencies to make their corridors and lounges more lively

Corporations and digital agencies display social feeds on a big screen placed in corridors or lounges to encourage their employees to become brand ambassadors.

Future of social media wall

Marketers and advertisers around the world are moving towards using social networks for advertising and lead generation using paid media. For instance, in the article, Facebook revenue soars on Ad growth, readers are given Facebook revenue growth numbers and predictions on further ads growth. Twitter also shifted its strategy on Ads as mentioned here. Many startups with funds advertise their content on Instagram as mentioned here. One primary reason for growth in Ads on social networking sites is that social networks help in promoting content to relevant audience and in displaying call to actions. Key here is quality content and appropriate call to action. Social media wall is good at showcasing great content and displaying meaningful call to actions. Social media walls offer a great way of showcasing user generated content and encouraging users to participate more. It has to be seen whether social media walls can become more intelligent and offer more value propositions for their users to tap into. What do you think social media walls can do better in future? Let us know on Twitter @SM_Wall_IO.

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