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Social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are excellent tools for building buzz around an event. They are easy to use and helpful for driving engagement with audiences during a live event. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms helping businesses connect with their fan bases on the network. It allows brands and businesses to leverage the platform and drive engagement with audiences at an event. Brands should encourage users to use Instagram features like tagging their business on the photo or mentioning the business handle in the caption text, which helps the brands to connect with more people.

Instagram as social network has seen a rise in popularity in event marketing processes and at live events. As the importance of smart phones at events continues to rise daily and since visual representations can often speak louder than words, there is significant opportunity for brands and businesses to integrate Instagram marketing at their events. Brands can ask their fans and followers to tag them or to mention brand's handle in their posts, which help the brand to reach more potential customers through Instagram networking.

On, we have seen interesting social wall uses that take full advantage of Instagram tagging and mentions. Several brands and event organizers are using Instagram effectively to increase engagement with audiences and thereby providing long-lasting memories that stay even after the events come to an end.

How to use Instagram for events

Event managers are always in search for effective ways to create awareness among the audiences about the event. Most of them see a bigger picture and strive to strike a positive chord with audiences before, during and after event. Instagram has many features for driving more audience engagement that can help brands to reach more people than just the people who attend the event. Following are a few techniques that use Instagram features to drive engagement and thereby to reach more Instagram users

Instagram natively supports viewing and replying to posts. Third party applications like helps brands and businesses to capture user generated content and showcase it on a website or on a live TV screen at the event venue. How Instagram features are helping your brand? Do let us know on Instagram @socialmediawallio.

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