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[!Update] Instagram announced a new Graph API for hashtag search on 2018/31/10. SocialMediaWall.IO received required permission to search Instagram hashtags.

During last week of November, 2017, Instagram stopped taking application review submissions from Instagram app developers for additional scope permissions like public_content. At the moment, it is not known how Instagram plans to support small businesses in future that want to show hashtag content. Currently, only basic permission scope can be requested, which is useful for showing media of a user profile that authorizes the application. Following image shows the screenshot of Instagram application review submission form. It shows the message that Instagram no longer offers additional permissions. Instagram no longer gives public_content permission to developers With this change in Instagram platform policy, it is now not possible to write a new application that uses Instagram API to show public posts with a hashtag, or to show media from a any public account. It is also not possible to write a new application to like or unlike Instagram posts. However, Instagram introduced a new graph API similar to Facebook graph API for working with comments of a post. It is a great opportunity space for new application developers to tap into enterprise users who would like to drive interactions with their fans at scale.

As a consumer of Instagram REST API ourselves, we know that this change could potentially close a business that needs to work with public media from Instagram. We hope that in future, Instagram gives access to hashtag posts to all well intended Instagram applications.

If you need Instagram hashtag posts, what is the solution?

Solution 1: Find an open source web scraping solution that works without using official Instagram permission


1. It is free


1. Usually it is difficult to setup initially. Web scraping solutions depend on reverse engineering, and they are bound to break easily
2. Maintaining your product over longer time becomes costlier due to bug fixing.

Solution 2: Use an Instagram API data aggregator / provider like


1. Setting up is a trivial task. 
2. Peace of mind due to no maintenance


1. It is not free.

See our developer page here for more details on REST API.


Our platform has been approved by Instagram with public content permission. It can aggregate Instagram public hashtag posts and also public user accounts. Instagram approved platform SocialMediaWall.IO is one of the leading social wall platforms on the Internet serving thousands of users, websites and projects all over the world.

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