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Do you need social media wall for event or website? is a platform to create your social media wall for events and websites. Setup your social feeds and see your social media wall in action instantly. Our easy to use, self service platform will make it easy for you to customize the social wall display to match your website or event theme. It's the simplest way to create your branded social media wall.

Social media wall for events

Platform features

Easy setup

First time visitors usually create their first social media wall within 5 minutes. Simple interfaces and useful help messages make it easy to use self service platform.

Powerful preview editor

Easy to use preview display editor helps in customizing the social wall display to match your website or event theme. No coding skills are required.

Embed only once

Copy paste social wall widget code to your website only once. All further updates need just one button click to publish changes.

Responsive display

Social wall nicely adjusts to all devices. Tested and trusted by multi national companies for their websites and events.

Advanced moderation

Show or hide posts with a single click. Simple interface to quickly find the posts that require moderation.

Automatic filtering

Set word filters to include or exclude posts automatically. Both inclusion and exclusion word filters can be set.

Advanced branding

Specify custom background color, banner image, background image and call to actions.

Real time aggregation

Platform lets you pick the desired update frequency. Speed up updates whenever required.

Add team members

Add team members for curation of content in a social wall. You don't need to share your password.

How it works?

Social Media Wall Creation Step 1: Add social accounts to your account
Social Media Wall Creation Step 2: Choose from variety of supported social feeds like hashtags, handles, Facebook page, Twitter lists, blog, etc,.
Social Media Wall Creation Step 3: Moderate posts using simple dashboard with advanced options

Social Media Wall Creation Step 4: Style the display of your social wall to match your website theme using WYSIWYG preview dashboard
Social Media Wall Creation Step 5: Embed social wall widget on a website. Show it on a big screen. Share it with your audience
Social Media Wall Creation Step 6: Add team members to let them moderate posts and configure display of your social wall

All your social feeds at one place

Showcase the best of your social media conversations from social networks like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Select multiple accounts or hashtags for your social media wall. Moderate posts and add custom branding to make your social media wall amplify your brand's voice.

For events, brands and websites

Responsive, embeddable and customizable social walls

Social wall at a live event

Live event

Give your audience an opportunity to engage during event using social media

Social wall usage to generate more user generated content

User generated content

Generate more UGC using social wall and use it in your marketing

Socal wall at a conference


Boost active participation and gain maximum reach using social media

Social wall at a wedding

Wedding hashtag wall

Let your guests have some fun at functions using their favorite social network

Social wall on a website


Keep your website up-to-date by showing your social media activity

Using social wall in brand awareness campaign

For your brand

Increase brand awareness using social wall at your store

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Embed social wall widget on any website, or show it on any display for free