Platform to create social media wall

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Do you need social media wall for website or event?

Setup your social feeds and see your social media wall in action instantly. Our easy to use, self service platform will make it easy for you to add branding elements to your social media wall. It's the simplest way to create your branded social media wall.

Platform features:

Easy setup
Add team members
Embed only once
Powerful preview editor
Advanced moderation
Responsive display
Real time aggregation
Automatic filtering
Advanced branding

All your social feeds at one place

Aggregate social feeds using hashtags and handles

Showcase the best of your social media conversations from social networks like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Select multiple accounts or hashtags for your social media wall. Moderate posts and add custom branding to make your social media wall amplify your brand's voice.

How it works?

Social Media Wall Creation Step 1: Add social accounts to your accountSocial Media Wall Creation Step 2: Choose from variety of supported social feeds like hashtags, handles, Facebook page, Twitter lists, blog, etc,.Social Media Wall Creation Step 3: Moderate posts using simple dashboard with advanced optionsSocial Media Wall Creation Step 4: Style the display of your social wall to match your website theme using WYSIWYG preview dashboardSocial Media Wall Creation Step 5: Embed social wall widget on a website. Show it on a big screen. Share it with your audienceSocial Media Wall Creation Step 6: Add team members to let them moderate posts and configure display of your social wall

Integrating social for your brand, event or website

Create your branded, free social media wall

See our short video on how to create social media wall

Have some questions?

How can you offer social wall for free?

We settled on our current free plan that is useful for great use cases. Our users include brands, non profit organizations, sports websites, social media managers and many more. Our vision for this product is to provide the best social wall for everyone.

Are there any Ads?

No! We do not have any annoying Ads within our products!

How many social walls can we create?

As many as you like! There are no limits on number of social walls that you can create. However, if your account is inactive for more than two days then we reserve the right to stop updates to your walls. This helps us in better utilizing our resources for our active users.

Who are benefitting from social wall?

Social walls are popular option for showcasing social content. It is used in campaigns to showcase high quality user generated content. It is also used as news provider by aggregating multiple social feeds like Facebook page feeds. Some multi national brands use social walls by collecting and showing region specific social feeds. Following small list shows who are using our social wall

  • Multi national brands
  • Non profit organizations
  • Digital agencies
  • Social media management professionals
  • Event management professionals
  • Campaign management professionals
  • Sports websites
  • Web developers


Following is our free forever plan. Currently we support only free plan.

1Number of social media wallsThere is no limit
2Number of social feeds per wallThere is no limit
3Embed widgetAvailable for free
4Add team membersAvailable for free
5Number of posts per social media wall1000 latest posts
6Update frequencyWalls get updated with latest posts once in a day
7ModerationAutomatic and advanced moderation options are available
8Real time updates for eventsWe are working on making it publicly available for all. Currently it is available only on request. Please contact support if you need it immediately
9Display visualizationsClassic grid, cyclic grid and highlight grid widgets are available. More widget visualizations will be available for free soon
10Technical supportOver email and chat on website

Embed social wall widget on any website, or show it on any display for free.